bhupendra surani

Bhupendra Surani

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Bhupen Surani was born in Gujarat, India on 27th March 1973. He finished his higher education in Mumbai and moved to Hong Kong to set up his independent businesses at the age of 21. His business grew exponentially between 1996-2007, where his firm was one of the largest diamond trading companies in the South-East Asian region. He later moved to Dubai to set up operations in real estate and enter the financial services sector.

Bhupendra Surani or Bhupen Surani is well knows for his businesses which are synonym of celebration of the achievements and promise that shape material culture. From the early days where Mr. Bhupendra Surani studied in Mumbai for higher education a few drops of business were cultivated in his mind.

Bhupendra Surani right after completing the higher education just got curios to shape his dream business in Hong Kong and later moved to Dubai for the exponential growth of his carrier. Mr. Bhupendra Surani tasts the success again in Dubai into real estate business even in the cut through competition. To date, Bhupendra Surani has supervised more than 100 master graduates (including multiple women) and more than hundreds of graduates takes an active role in mentoring and managing the tenure process and encouraging them to stay in business world.

They directed and led the creation of the largest financial services sector business at Dubai, which had the capacity to survive in toughest times. Talking about the early days from 1996-2007 the business started by Mr. Bhupendra Surani grew in such a way where the customer satisfaction approach was always on top.

The current organization or the business venture of Mr. Bhupendra Surani is Surani Group which is an organization who invested in multiple ventures such as oil and gas trading, out-sourced sales management and business set-up services. It is a leading business idea which later converted into a successful business.